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Looks like some American Vs Russian stuff going on there. I'm wondering why they were sent just to kill the guy. The story really makes no sense. Although the animation was really nice. I like how you put actual colors on the guys. The sound FX went very nice with the animation. Makes me wonder if you even did it or not. The guns look like the one you can make using the Pimp My Gun program. They looked really nice and detailed. I really wish their was a good explanation to this and perhaps a bit more animation. But it is what it is. A almost perfect Madness animation in my opinion deserves 4.5 stars. Au revoir.


That was epic.

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OutonParole89 responds:


It's old...but I like it! :D

Make more!

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A very great game you have here. The save feature was a great turn in this game along with episode 1.5. And I can see that scars and bandages are no longer important. Also a very good implant. Although I feel that I'm very limited to the amount of clothing I can use in this game. This I believe being your current project I'd like you to add some things...

Starting with clothing
- Head wrap (bandanna on head)
- Body bandages
- Head bandages
- Agent Glasses
- Agent Suit
- L337 Mask
- Options for hand & footwear

For weaponry
- FN p90
- Super V SMG
- Neosteed 2000
- M4A1
- Scar L
- Sig p226
- M93r (burst fire)
- AK-12
- XM8

This is probably a lot to ask. Although a few of these implanted per version would at least show you took my suggestions to consideration. And I suppose the game will probably progress up to a high version? I give you a 4.5 review & a 5 rating. Took away half a star because this game lags. And my computer is a pretty good computer. Other than that, this game is amazing. Quote from a player who plays battlefield 3. :)

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Took me about a minute to cease this demon from this planet. Awesome game dude!

Got up to 626 meteors. Man this game is so addicting! I wish I had a iPod cuz I'd play this game wherever I go when I'm bored. All my five r belong to this! XD

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Disgusting, gruesome & devastating. All great traits to a horrific piece of art such as this. The tongue, the charred rotting flesh perfectly adds to the monster you have created. It's eyes are ghostly, yet fleshy at the same time. It's teeth, somewhat fleshy yet solid at the same time. Strains of tissue and flesh clinging on to each other. It's utterly beautiful.

I'm a wannabe animator seeking tutoring for flash animating. I also submit terrible art.

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